Conveyor injuries typically cost billions to the company . Most of accidental injurie’s caused by material spilling¬†off of the belt or workers getting parts of their bodies caught in pinch or nip points, as well as burns and abrasions. That’s why it is necessary to guard conveyor belts. We are happy to help you to offer our conveyor belt guarding solutions

Application of Conveyor Guarding in industries

  • Coal mining and processing
  • Coal based thermal power plants
  • Steel , metal smelter plants
  • Pulp and paper
  • Cement plants
  • Mining
  • Fertilizer plant
  • Ports and terminal
  • Rail and truck shipping

Advantages of our conveyor belt guarding solutions

  • Modular in design for easy handling and installation
  • Light weight aluminum weld mesh for long life
  • As per safety standard of conveyor belt OSHA 1910 , MSHA 30 CFR 56/57 and Indian Standard IS7155-2.1986 Code of recommend practice for conveyor safety
  • Built to last , Available in heavy duty steel and powder coated for long durability
  • handles , weight sticker are provided for east removing.
  • Service/inspection door : As per custom need door is provided so no need to remove complete door
  • Access Door: As per need full access door is provided to key areas
  • Visibility : Allows for inspection without removing the guard due to increased visibility through the guard

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