Lathe Machine

Lathe machine is very common and most used machine in every tool room or workshop in maintenance department . Lathe machine have cutting and pinching hazard. While doing machining chip/ burr can fly and hit the operator and make serious cuts also. There is ball screw along the length which poses entanglement hazard. Chuk cover also needed for protection against rotating movements. That’s why machine safety guards required for lathe machine.

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Milling Machine

Milling Machine have movement in X, Y , Z direction. There is hazard of machined chip/burr to project on operator . That’s why milling machine needs proper machine safety guarding. For milling machine guard there is usually front transparent PC sheet constructed with aluminum profile. It is generally interlocked with main spindle motor. It is having adjustments for both sides .

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Grinding Machine Guard

Drill Machine Guard

IES can provide other tool room machine safety guards also like bench grinder , bend saw cutting machine , slotting machine etc. For Customized requirement please contact All our tool room machine safety guards are as per BIS Machine Safety Standards

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